Incivility: A Route to Unsustainable Business


A Tale of Two Attitudes: Civility and Incivility

Workplace Incivility

Is Incivility a Personal Issue?

It’s like throwing a stone into a pond—the effects spread out and touch different parts of our lives. The negativity from incivility doesn’t confine itself to a single moment; it lingers and seeps into our emotional well-being, affecting our drive and how well we perform our duties. Moreover, it leaves a mark on our relationships and interactions with others, shaping the way we treat people in our daily lives. Recognizing and curbing incivility is crucial for maintaining a positive atmosphere and fostering healthier connections, be it in the workplace, at home, online, or within our communities.

Examples of Incivility at the workplace, have you experienced them?

  • Involves disrespectful, impolite, or discourteous behavior.
  • Examples include dismissive comments and sarcastic remarks.
  • Creates an uneven playing field within the workplace.
  • Examples include playing favourites and inconsistently applying consequences.
  • Involves ignoring or dismissing others’ perspectives.
  • Reflects a lack of empathy and hampers effective communication.
  • Goes beyond physical neglect to include neglecting contributions or input.
  • Fails to acknowledge contributions to collaborative efforts.
  • Communication with arrogance creates a hostile atmosphere.
  • Violates physical or emotional boundaries.
  • Ignoring someone intentionally as a form of punishment or to express disapproval.
  • Engaging in gossip or spreading rumours about someone without their knowledge or consent.
  • Writing or sending messages that are derogatory or demeaning.
  • Saying things that embarrass or degrade someone in front of others.
  • Behaving in a way that demonstrates a lack of regard for someone’s feelings or dignity.
  • Blaming someone for mistakes or shortcomings in their work in a demeaning or accusatory manner.



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