ESG Auditing

“Auditing for a Sustainable Future: ESG Integrar’s Assurance Solutions”

Welcome to our ESG Integrar Auditing services
As a rising ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) auditing service provider in India, we help
businesses align with local laws and regulations while ensuring responsible business practices. Our team
of experts combines their in-depth knowledge of Indian laws and regulations with our customized
checklist tools to provide comprehensive ESG auditing services.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Extensive Experience: With years of experience in the field of internal auditing, our team has the
    expertise to handle audits for businesses of all sizes and sectors in India. We are well-versed
    with the evolving regulatory landscape and can ensure compliance with relevant laws and
  2. Customized Checklist Tools: We have developed a set of customized checklist tools that are
    tailored to the Indian and Global context. These tools enable us to conduct thorough audits and
    assess ESG performance based on local laws and regulations, industry best practices, and global
  3. Extensive Knowledge: Our team has a deep understanding of Indian and International laws,
    regulations, and cultural nuances, which allows us to provide localized ESG auditing services. We
    are familiar with reporting requirements, disclosure obligations, and compliance standards
    specific to India, helping our clients stay ahead of the curve.
    Our ESG Auditing Services:
  4. Environmental Audits: We conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate the environmental
    impact of your business operations, including energy usage, waste management, pollution
    control, and resource conservation. Our audits help identify areas of improvement and develop
    strategies to minimize negative environmental impacts.
  5. Social Audits: We assess your business’s social impact by evaluating labour practices, human
    rights, community engagement, health and safety, diversity and inclusion, and other relevant
    factors. Our audits help ensure that your business is contributing positively to the social well-
    being of the communities it operates in.
  6. Governance Audits: We review your business’s governance practices, including board
    composition, executive compensation, risk management, transparency, and accountability. Our
    audits help identify gaps in governance and provide recommendations for improving corporate
    governance standards.
  7. Customized Reporting: We provide detailed reports that highlight the findings of our audits and
    provide actionable recommendations for improving ESG performance. Our reports are
    customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients, including compliance with Indian
    laws and regulations.
  8. Advisory Services: In addition to auditing, we also provide strategic advisory services to help
    businesses develop and implement effective ESG strategies. We work closely with our clients to
    develop sustainability goals, establish monitoring mechanisms, and create long-term
    sustainability plans.